The Training Grounds

Beyond the hustle of the Night Market and the whispering shelves of the Arcane Archive lies The Training Grounds.

Here, the air hums with the echoes of ancient battles and the clashing of swords against shields.

It is a crucible where would-be legends come to forge their skills, a hallowed place where every word you write and every story you craft can withstand the tests of time and critics alike.

Ready your quill and prepare to embark on the greatest quest of all – mastering the art of storytelling.

Brom the Battle Bard

Finally, a worthy student!

“Ah, a brave soul approaches! Welcome to Fablehaven, a sanctuary for the storytellers and dream-weavers of the world. A place of beauty and lurking perils.”

Brom, stands before you, his eyes alight with the fires of bygone battles.

“Only the prepared dare tread the Blank Wastes,” he cautions with a jovial grin, “Lest the Void consumes them. Return with tales of courage, or not at all!”


Brom chuckles, a glint of mischief in his eyes, “Adventures, eh? I've danced with danger, traded jabs with jesters, and outwitted a basilisk for the smile of a lady. But what of your tales?”

He leans in, eager, “Spin me a yarn, quick as a flash!”

You open your mouth, but he raises a hand.

“Hold, save it for the quest! Return on the morrow, and we'll set your path to glory.”

Coming soon — The Blank Wastes

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