The Arcane Archive

You approach Fablehaven's town library.

Its unassuming facade belies the vast troves of wisdom within. Memories of your last encounter with its enigmatic librarian linger. Here, among the silent whispers of ancient tomes, lies knowledge arcane and truths yet untold.

You enter to find behind the desk stands Maeve, the keeper of secrets.

Maeve the Librarian

What now? I’m busy you know

Maeve the Librarian, guardian of forbidden lore, greets you with a knowing look that suggests she's read every tale the Archive holds—and a few that it shouldn't.

“What you seek for is likely here,” She casts an exasperated look around the rows and rows of ancient books and scrolls, “Somewhere.”

Seeing your apprehension, she sighs, then stands to give you a tour.

Open Books & Scrolls

“These are public access and free for any to peruse, I’m sure what you’re looking for is here,” Maeve gestures to the tables near the front of the library.

Planning your stories

Figure out why you’re writing your novel before you get lost in the weeds.

When you have a long draft that’s unfamiliar and you want to understand what you wrote previously. Great for untangling NanoWrimo drafts.

Editing your stories

The most popular post at The Reader Experience, now free for all. Use ChatGPT to help you developmentally edit your fiction.

Packaging Your Stories

Using MidJourney to visualise your stories a powerful way to create deeper connections with your readers by making your world a little more tangible.