Start Here

You arrive at the Bald Face Stag, an inn of some repute. It's the beginning and end of all journeys in Fablehaven—your nexus for rest, information, or the start of new adventures.

You approach the friendly lass behind the bar.

Becky the Barkeep

Welcome, Traveller

Becky the Barkeep sizes you up with a playful glint in her eye, “A traveler, eh? If I guess your tale, you owe me a story. And if I guess wrong, your first drink is on the house.

You nod and smile, accepting the unspoken challenge. “You’re an adventurer, perhaps a bard even, or a truth teller. But whichever, you’re someone with a story to tell. Am I right?”

You can’t help but chuckle, she smiles and says, “Remember, tales are the currency here. Next time, you'll share one of yours.”

She then turns to a rowdy bunch vying for her attention, leaving you to ponder your next move.

Choose your destiny

When you get her attention again, Becky's gives you a quick rundown of Fablehaven's highlights for a budding bard like you.

The Training Grounds with Brom to sharpen your skills

Visit the Night Market for tools, treasures and trinkets

Or the old library—if you dare to brave its spells and secrets

With a knowing look, she adds, “Maeve's your go-to there, just return her books on time. In the market seek out Marris, he’s the best, say I sent you. And if you venture into the training grounds — Brom will find you,” she adds with a laugh turning back to her customers.