The Night Market

The Night Market of Fablehaven greets you with lanterns twinkling across damp streets. You remember the shopkeepers' sly winks, their stalls brimming with both wonders and oddities.

Amidst the haggling and the hum of the curious crowd, treasures and trinkets promise enchantments and stories yet to be spun.

Marris the Trader

What do you need, Traveller?

What can I find for you today?" Marris asks with a knowing smile.

"Becky sent you? Then you're in for a treat—and a discount if you've got the coin. My wares are as varied as the tales in Fablehaven, each with its own secret to share.

Wares for Sale

Tools for your journey or trinkets for your tale, my selection's ever-changing. If today's finds don't catch your eye, tomorrow's just might. For friends and family—and that includes you—a discount's always on the table.

Inner Sanctum Scrolls

Seeking keys to the Archive's hidden troves? Maeve and I might offer you the right scroll. Our 'understanding' could be your gateway to wisdom—or a decent bargain.

While Marris's shelves are being carefully stocked with wondrous items that will soon be ripe for the picking, a special offer awaits.

Seize the chance to join the ranks of Fablehaven's elite with an exclusive member's discount. Be among the first to claim the treasures of the Night Market, including the soon-to-be-revealed Magical Updating Map.

Use your Rare Marris Discount now and prepare for the marvels to come!

Use your Rare Marris Discount now