I believe we can all build a storytelling empire

  • We have the tools now with AI

  • We have the reach with social and other channels.

  • We have a sustainable business model with subscriptions

We just need to work out The How.

The Why is the freedom to write full time.

Who am I?

I’m a part-time writer building a subscription-based writing business.

By experimenting every week, iterating my process, and slowly but surely finishing my first novel. Then the next and the next. While turning that novel into audiobooks, book trailers and more using the magic of AI tooling.

I’m focusing on making an incredible reader experience that guides strangers down a fun-filled journey to becoming superfans and subscribers.

I’m applying my 20+ years of design experience, normally used for digitally transforming hospitals or big corporates, to my one-person writing business.

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My Try/Fail Cycle

  • A weekly progress update on my own writing journey and experiments.

  • What I learned this week and how you could apply it.

Tutorials and Deep Dives

I write deep dives when I learn something useful, meaningful and practical to our empire building mission. Things like:

  • How to express edit chapters

  • How to outline to fix repeated issues

  • How to build consistency into your writing system

  • How to set up your subscription.

  • How to create an author website

  • How to create a book cover

  • How to find your comp authors

I’ll answer these reader suggestion questions and more as I discover the answers myself. So join me on my journey and hold on it’s gonna be fun.

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Jillian Spiridon, The Cat's Cradle: Stories & More

Get a free gift when you subscribe: ChatGPT Prompts to Write and Edit Faster.

All ChatGPT prompts are paid

Because if I can save you even one hour a month thats worth paying for.

That lowest US minimum wage is around $5 so that seems like a low base to build on. As I increase the value and time-savings I’ll start increasing the price (all current supporters get grandfathered in at their current price).

  1. In my tutorials, I’ll show you what, why and how for free.

  2. But making it easy, is paid. So the prompts are behind the paywall.

They’re often little programs that require design and testing to make them easy to use with a clear valuable time-saving.

So for now supporting all this work and value costs just $5.99 per month.

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Zane Dickens

Writing serial cyberpunk stories set in a dystopian Cape Town. Girl dad. Design Lead at Jembi.org helping Drs do more good. Gold Loerie winner (a great team). Born at 344 ppm, eyeing that sea level while sipping a mojito. Loves a good biscuit. 🍪

Sujan Sundareswaran

Designer, amateur developer, amateur-er writer. When I’m not trying to write, I design fonts, and sometimes running off to the mountains for some high-altitude treks.