Awesome article!

I've been using ChatGPT to help me flesh out what some people call "draft zero". Usually I feel bad just throwing a sequence of dialogue lines in there and calling it a first draft, for example, so I can ask it to "add action beats and create a scene where character A is doing this and character B is doing that." I end up rewriting most of it, but it's good to give it some mass and make that dreadful blank page less blank.

It's also very good at keeping me distracted world building instead of actually writing, which I wouldn't call a productivity hack. Like, why do I need to know the lyrics of the hymns they sing during the religious festival in my fantasy world? I don't! But "ChatGPT, please write some lyrics about the goddess Aetheria!"

PS: thanks for the shout out. I'm so happy for having finished that one. :)

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